About the Firearms Licensing Division

Welcome to the Firearms Licensing Division's website.

The Los Santos Police Department preserves the responsibility of issuing and regulating firearms licensing within the State of San Andreas. The processing and issuing of these licenses are handled through the Firearms Licensing Division. An applicant must fully read and understand all relevant information threads in order to understand the requirements and restrictions.

Public FLD Statistics
Issued Rejected Total
PF Licenses 3,006 1,611 5,458
CCW Licenses 1,040 1,500 3,004
Guard Cards 501 427 1,249
4,547 3,538 9,711
Total = the total number of applications in the system, including those that have been revoked are currently being processed.

Average Number of Applications per Day
10,463 / 702 = 15
Number of Applications / Days since FLD Application System Launch

Complaint Process

Any complaints against Firearms Licensing Division Personnel or the Licensing Process should be forwarded to a member of Firearms Licensing Division Command.

Any complaints against a member of Firearms Licensing Division Command should be forwarded to the Commanding Officer of the Firearms Licensing Division.

Any complaints against the Commanding Officer of the Firearms Licensing Division may be forwarded to the Commanding Officer of the Administrative Services Bureau . They are your final line of contact

PF License

A license to Personal Firearms (PF License) permits its owner to lawfully purchase, possess (on a non-temporary basis), and utilize firearms for lawful purposes.

CCW License

A License to conceal carry a weapon (CCW License) permits its owner to conceal carry a handgun on their person for self-defense, in compliance with set rules & regulations.

Guard Card

A San Andreas Guard Card (GC) permits its owner to perform security duties as an armed guard within the state of San Andreas.

Re-Issuance and Renewal

The re-issance application provides citizens of Los Santos the ability to, after having theirs revoked or expired, apply for re-issuance of their firearms permit(s).

Lost/Stolen/Found Firearms

Here you can report your firearms lost, stolen or found.

Firearm Transfer

This section serves as an area for individuals to send in their application to transfer their firearm to another individual's name.


If you are within the LSFD and wishing to obtain a PF and CCW please visit the link below.